Glitter Tattoos

Temporary Glitter Tattoos are great fun to offer in addition to face painting for older children, teenagers and adults too.

Glitter Tattoos are the latest rage at parties, by the pool and suitable for both children and adult crowds. Teenagers love being noticed by the glitz and sparkle of their glitter tattoo.

Bright sparkling tattoos that are waterproof, last for up to 5 days on your skin and can be placed on hands, arms, shoulders, backs or feet – anywhere you want them!

They are great for teen parties, fetes, festivals, company picnics, corporate promotions, hen’s nights or birthday parties, anywhere you want to add some glitz and sparkle.

Mums and Dads will also love not having to wash off the groovy designs and the kids will love showing them off at school the next day.

Their is over 40 designs to choose from and we can apply approximately 20 Glitter Tattoos per hour.

Temporary Glitter Tattoos are applied using cosmetic grade glitters and body adhesive, and can be easily removed with olive oil or face cream.

Add some sparkle to your Hen’s night, Teen Party, Girls night out , Special Birthday Party 16th, 18th, or 21st.
Corporate Glitter Tattoos

Customized glitter tattoos of your company logo are also available.

A  valuable marketing tool for your company, that is sure to be noticed and create strong branding for your business.

Imagine people walking around wearing your sparkling company logo and the best part is, they can stay on for up 5 days !!!