Our clients safety is our priority.

The Face Painting Fairy only uses products that meet regulations for cosmetic use. All of the face paints and glitters used are professional cosmetic grade products, designed for safe use on the skin.
Whilst the Fairy only uses quality products designed specifically for use on the skin, for everyones peace of mind we are also insured for public liability.

The Fairy also follows national and international Face and Body Painting guidelines, including strict hygiene practices.
The Fairy is only able to paint the faces of those who can sit still, generally over 2 years of age, are happy to be painted and have clean abrasion free skin.

Be aware that:
CRAFT PRODUCTS including craft glitter that are not labeled "safe for the skin" should not be used on you or your children. These products can cause an allergic reaction such as a rash, itching, and possibly damage to your skin.
CRAFT GLITTER is made of metal and is not intended to be used on the skin.
GENERAL ART PRODUCTS listed as meeting safety standards only means the products have been tested and are safe when used as intended, such as on paper, plastic or wood. This does not mean that they are intended for painting on human skin.